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Madelyn: dancer. writer. thinker. dreamer. sister. daughter. friend. creature. depressed. ecstatic. victim. lover. been thru a lot; don't put up with shit.

Growing into yourself is about making mistakes, being downright stupid and pushing beyond what is always expected.

That's me.

This is a personal blog. Everything I post is a direct path to the convoluted speculations and whimsies my mind is composed of.

Though personal, this blog may also be a place for others. If one wishes to talk, I will gladly accept your invitation.

If you do not have anything nice to say, I will not waste my time worrying over your insolence.
About Me

I was born in New England, in the year 1996, but to be honest, I think I should have been born on a different continent in a different time period.  I really quite dislike the 21st century.  Sure humans have become more tolerant of differences such as sexuality, culture and religion, as well as women’s and civil rights. But so many morals have gone out the window.  And I don’t approve of it.  I trust too easily, and because of that, I’ve been let down a hell of a lot.  I have a family comprised of narcissistic fools, and I’ve realized that if you find a few good people who will love you, care for you, accept and grow with you, you sure as hell better hold on to them. I am a dancer, and when I say “dancer” I don’t mean a conceited bitch who believes dance is about grinding and shaking your ass at competitions. I am an artist, a performer who expresses emotion, culture, and life through a style that is difficult, yet effortless and absolutely diverse. I dance because that is how I feel beautiful and whole. 

I love clothes/fashion/makeup so you’ll see some of that here.

I also have a pretty fucked up sense of humor (like most of tumblr) so that will be quite evident as well. 

Honestly, my brain goes in all different directions, with seemingly endless preferences so really you’ll never quite know what shows up on my blog/your dash. Sorry if anything offends any of you or makes you uncomfortable, but quite frankly, I don’t give a fuck about that because this is my personal blog, as I’ve stated before, and I can post whatever I damn well like.  

I also kind of have an obsession with cats, even though I’m unfortunately allergic to them (otherwise I’d go out and buy one) so ya, be prepared for cats. 

LGBTQ supporter. 

I like Dr. Martens a lot. 

And Supernatural. That shit is just fucking amazing because now I’ve been trained to successfully defend myself in the case of a ghost/demon or other ridiculously random creature attack. 

So yeah…Enjoy!